Resetting the Equality mantra for Prosperity-driven actions.

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• Walletever goal is to replace the "search" for equality that flows everywhere as an empty promise, for the pursuit of individual prosperity targeting a broader reach.
• Prosperity is the reason we all wake up in the morning, so by developing the Walletever Ecosystem, we believe that many of the pressing issues related to inequality and poverty would end up solved as a consequence of individual contributions.

•Walletever is a decentralized software protocol configured as a DAO that enables the integration of technology that features cryptocurrency creation, usage, and asset distribution through a database framework —that is owned by no one, where a myriad of financial and productivity-oriented services get seamlessly connected.

• It is governed by a virtual endowment controlled by a smart contract. The endowment based its operation on the distributed capital philosophy to create new funds from action-hashed mining. Funds resources are assigned via cycles to finance a variety of projects and initiatives proposed by citizens across the world.


Distributed Capital as an Ecosystem

Decentralized network

It should be the response to the various threats impacting citizens' rights around the world: financial independence, employment stability, and lack of access to financial instruments dedicated to better their lives.


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• After COVID-19 hit, Walletever acquired a stronger motivation to become a platform of change, where volunteers converted into entrepreneurs would bring their ideas to build a better world.

• The operating model built as the Walletever engine is as a miner-controlled ecosystem, as mining is the only source of asset creation.

• It is a members only platform and it is not planning an ICO or token presale to raise funds. It is not a pre-mined model either.


A new breed of economic elements tailored around crypto decentralized virtues.


Collective wealth is defined as the sum of common elements enabling prosperity for all. Attainable through distributed capital principles, it aims to develop public service projects like road construction, water and sewage, health care, education, and those where private citizens would serve as financial assistance for city governments.


  • Achievable goal by promoting universal assistance in areas where local authorities did not provide enough help in the past.
  • Based on collective well-being programs.
  • It works beyond party politics. The collective wealth agenda is not pursuing a left or right political agenda. 


DiCap combines several factors like innovative funding, finance, productivity, and job compensation with a social purpose. It differs from co-op or philanthropy since it is focused on wealth creation instead of proprietorship alone. Under DiCap, wealth is defined not only as a money-making feature but also as a money-saving measure.


  • Disruptor scheme that will be implemented as an alternative to traditional investment vehicles and employment compensation, including future-bound UBI.
  • It promotes the funding of small businesses and startups that would replace job providers that are supportive of jobs-replacement automation, outsourcing as a policy, as well as companies hiring third-party contractors to replace F/T career positions and suppress benefits.


It summarizes the proper implementation of DiCap-related economics across neighborhoods on a global scale. It encourages the convergence of neighbors as stakeholders in the pursue of a common goal. It is designed to replicate larger corporations by adopting efficiency-driven practices across productivity-clustered models, where core areas like purchase, marketing, warehousing, and distribution are syndicated.


  • Encourages neighbors' participation in productivity clusters locally.
  • Focused on project development aimed at promoting fractional ownership for local SmallBiz and startups.
  • It will foster local investment and management involvement for businesses based on innovative strategies.
  • Franchising brand-less model that is powered by adjusted supply chain.
  • It is not a co-op play.


Provolunteerism explores the replacement of cash with the furnishing of alternative elements —like sweat equity, as a personal investment in any DiCap-funded business organization. It started as a model to compensate for activities traditionally considered as volunteering gigs previously sponsored by corporations. It got expanded to include compensation formats for employment as well as for investments in private endeavors.


  • EV diversifies labor compensation based on various integrated metrics.
  • As an employee, a job would be linked to a term-licensing position where the company's sales or earnings will support compensation in contrast to hourly or salary pay.
  • It quantifies the equity investment in new endeavors based on the number of hours or the value of the work to be performed replacement cash infusion.

Five independent elements are core to Walletever ecosystem composition.

Their designed synchrony will make them work within an Integrated Platform setting.



Financial marketplace

Variable DEX trading

dApp hub.

DiCap as an Ecosystem

An economic philosophy that works in combination with technology.

• Along with its native-decentralized processes, the Walletever-branded DiCap philosophy explores the convergence of areas that stimulate the real economy converting volunteers in crypto miners with investment capacity.

• Walletever provides a plethora of services from token genesis-to-spending, along with many other end-user-type of activities, miners would do as consumers:

About Walletever

We are a small team of enthusiastic product managers and developers dedicated to maintaining and developing the Walletever ecosystem. This website is for promotional purposes only.

The Walletever software-supported DAO follows the concept of WEE (for Walletever Ecosystem.) an Ethereum standard ERC-20 token, which flexibility will come from the balance of decentralized components such as mining, trading, commerce and investment combined.

Controlled by a smart contract, this financial instrument will oversee thousands of mine-extracted funds across the world —from miners-managed neighborhood-driven initiatives to nations' privately-held sovereign funds.

An innovative mining-adjusted protocol that is supported by action-hashed mining will create periodical blocks-equivalent Cells as the crypto-asset generator. In other words, actions made by neighbors will pile up as hashes to create a proprietary equivalency to mining blocks. It is called Proof of Civism.



Implement Distributed Capital, DiCap, as a way to simulate production, increase consumption, and reduce inflation to create collective wealth through prosperity.



Walletever paves the way for volunteers to use their brains, skills and sweat as equity value to become entrepreneurs.

Problems WEE intends to solve

Enable citizens to lead the economic transition toward a decentralized world. Get them financially  empowered to address their own issues.

Walletever business model is supported by a financial program where neighbors meet up to entertain strategies to finance a community-driven sovereign fund.

Equal Opportunities.

Although all of us are equal individuals, we, as an organization, like to believe that prosperity will remove the roadblocks that delay Humanity from reaching true happiness.

So, that's the road we’re paving.