The chance to better the world remains in your hands.

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Common wisdom indicates that a brand does not reach stardom status until it gathers a strong community backing around it.

Therefore, Walletever is building a community-driven approach by sharing its cultural traits and overall benefits among miners and non-mining members and neighborhoods by promoting DiCap through enhanced volunteerism.

The WEE community gathers around a rich variety of elements, human and technology-supported, that act in diverse capacities to further Walletever purposes.

Walletever encourages the community to perform activities such as:

• Expand the network of citizens using WEE.

• Have local NGOs join in as node managers.

• Push adoption among families and local businesses across the communities they live in.

• Procure financing from the miners' community to fund social responsibility projects.

• Recruit Blockchain developers and database specialists.

• Enlist events planners and organizers.

• Secure the network data and transaction feeds.

• Promote mining enrollment.

• Train content providers in the sharing of Walletever advantages and benefits throughout social media outlets.

• Apply to new bounties —including content translation, proof-reading, data verification, and more.

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