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  • Volunteers

    Explore how enhanced volunteerism can change the world. Enter to explore whether your role as an enabling agent or a field developer as a vehicle to earn, invest and build personal wealth through volunteering equity.

  • Autonomous Neighborhood Organizations

    Explore your vision as founder when claiming your community as an Autonomous Neighborhood Organization. Come and help build the platform that will improve the quality of living for families and neighbors in your vicinity. 

  • Network Nodes

    Walletever model is acknowledging the effort of individual and charitable institutions that have helped the lives of million of people in need across the world by providing exclusive access to its network of nodes. This way, NGOs would have access to crypto-mined funds that may reduce their needs to raise funds constantly.

  • WEE(f)

    A dynamic way to manage the finance of every registered Autonomous Neighborhood Organization locally and with the guidance of families and neighbors.

  • Open Funds

    Discover the funds currently fundraising amid Covid-19. Browse those you may be interested in supporting or open a fund of your liking.

  • dApps/Local Supplier for Service & Productivity

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  • Employment

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  • Walletever Invitational Program/Referral Program

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Walletever is backed by neighbors and individual volunteers like you.


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