Distributed Capital Everywhere.

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Distributed Capital represents a new paradigm that opens traditional finance by migrating issuance, management, intermediation, hybrid custody, and multi-investment of crypto-related assets toward decentralized actors via smart contracts.
Framed as a platform, DiCap is an innovative initiative that works as an alternative to the classic for-profit format, where founders and investors used to earn a large chunk of income while the employees receive a reduced compensation — albeit they work more.

The world is experiencing a transformational financial transition most people are unaware of it. Financialization of the real economy, negative yield, trade imbalances, and inflation have widened the inequality that only a global process backed by the elasticity of crypto would modify. Innovative trends covering fintech, open finance, censor resistance, programmable assets, trustless and transparency, non-hierarchical ownership, or pseudonym acceptance, are being ignored by centralized schemes taken place on the name of decentralization.

A distributed effort to use capital toward the building of a more balanced society.


Although it supports profit as well as not-for-profit community ventures, DiCap does not give free money away, is not promoting Universal Basic Income or charity funding. It is not a co-op spin-off or pursues an agenda associated with any political viewpoint or even religion. It is unfocused on city CPIs or a country's GDP, but in the standards of living of people across neighborhoods and communities instead.

In simple terms, Distributed Capital is the handling of money obtained from crypto that will assist in fostering prosperity by the same people who mined and spend it.

DiCap purposes are attainable through action-hashed mining, a procedure linked to the management of resources assigned by WEE to develop projects measured in mining terms, that can generate proper compensation for their participants.

That is a compensation system for neighbors investing time and effort to solve a problem or do a task that will benefit a community. It is safe to assume that mining-funded DiCap is not money made out of thin air.

Walletever matched crypto assets with classic volunteerism —which is a traditional non-compensated activity where people around the world are investing their time and efforts to accelerate the spreading of prosperity as the groundwork for volunteers' transition into wealth-creation through a new normal in social entrepreneurship called neighborpreneurship.

The DiCap goal to influence the economy is meaningful. The process entitles cryptocurrency creators to manage the mined assets by investing in startups and operating small businesses through the crypto-backed Aggregate Lending model, around the Autonomous Neighborhood Organizations and vicinities they live.

How DiCap approaches investment.


In the DiCap paradigm, Local Productivity Clusters are part of an optional strategy for traditional investment programs. This scenario will allow actors to pay their participation in any project with the brain, skills, or sweat transformed into equity.

DiCap-oriented parameters work as a guide to describe how miners-turned investors would invest. The three layers for general funding are below:

---Transformative Funding.
---Scaling DiCap.
---Programmable Control Release.