Financial literacy will be connected to wealth-building through licensing

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We have selected licensing as the transaction measurement for most Walletever platform arrangements and interactions.

Licensing brings elasticity and clarity to mining procedures and network governance by providing access to instruments that work equally for all members.


We wanted to bring transparency to crypto.

As a driver's license carries the privilege to drive on the highway, the same prerogative applies within the Walletever ecosystem to let only licensed members access its integrated platform.

Licensing for software subscriptions is a mature but always evolving industry, and most people are familiar with it.


Why do we need a license to mine?

License would help predict income as it saves the burden of marketing and invoicing due to traditional service provision processes.

More importantly, licensing fees would keep institutional investors away while helping us refrain from promoting ICO adventures or any token presale that may hurt the prospect of the Walletever business model.

Licensing brings liquidity to the overall operation. It keeps the organization focused on service expansion and customer service to boost growth.

Licensing as a Business

License is a core element in the formation of the DiCap philosophy.

Licensing to boost productivity.

The license framework would influential across production-sensible areas, including labor compensation.


Flexibility to move across the ecosystem.

Walletever will implement licensing arrangements across various financial products, services, and compensation-related resources in areas such as network platform, financial outlets, field data compilers, events organization, digital media, telecom services, consulting services, and most DiCap-funded organizations.

How convenient will it be for Walletever to implement licensing as a revenue stream?

To keep ecosystem financial health, licensing would make incoming revenue a more predictable process. It also allows a price fits-all for a popular entry-level subscription plan that will make it more appealing to members worldwide.

Software license subscriptions will determine the proper usage individuals do to the platform and avoid illegal exploits.

Since the product model is the same, licensing will facilitate the implementation of referral programs to augment miners' acquisition rates at a rapid pace.

We have identified licensing for various reasons, among them:

• Reduce members churn over time.

• Help to form an independent fiat-based fund to guarantee early liquidity for miners.

• Not transferrable.

• It allows software to work as a SaaS.

• May encourage registration among early adopters.

• Virtualized model that is easy to replicate worldwide.

               Licenses carry a dynamic citizen valuation called Civic Score, that accounts for any actions performed by license holder within the community, regardless of were paid or not.

What do I get with a civic mining license?

A license will allow you to take advantage of many features and benefits that are offered by Walletever. That is the only way for anyone to take part in it.


A neighbor can obtain a license in two formats: a) personal license certification for miners and b) group certifications. The first one includes an entry-level free limited enablement account for individuals that will carry a few benefits when it gets compared to a more feature-rich premium license.

We are still reviewing how to configure the process of promoting licenses in bulk through master agreements for community and neighborhood leaders. Worth noting that master agreement economics applies differently than referral programs. Consequently, it is still going through an internal analysis.

When you get a free account, you are activating an Enabler account. Although the enabler account is not a certification that grants a mining license, it is valid for a year, and it will allow any volunteer neighbor to promote projects that will better the community they live-in.

The process an Enabler goes through to propose himself as a Field developer is more rigorous compared with those miners holding a civic mining certificate.

Eventually, it may get more expensive to manage an Enabler-only account since there will be a series of fees and commissions —through posting, auction, awarding, transactions, insurance, and collaterals, that will result in paying more than the annual license fee of $25.

Most of those charged-for items are either free or waived for licensed members.

Comparison tables between Free & Premium licenses.

Initially, enablement account holders can upload projects and earn money when the submitted project gets approved and assigned to a third party field development team.

It is fair as well to consider enablers as neighbors capable of developing CEO projects too. However, based on Walletever governance guidelines, a license is mandatory, so neighbors would mine by practicing action-hashed enhanced volunteerism.

That can be accomplished by having a Civic Mining License as a Field Developer.


To make the licensing process easy to understand, we have configured a series of notes comparing them both together, the enablement account, and the field developer certificate. 

The following tables describe transaction fees for account type, Benefits for account type, Project management perks, and benefits between the two account types, and lastly, the impact either of those accounts would have in the management of the cryptoassets earned by neighbors.

Accounts fee-matching features

A fee-rich Enabler account may be in disadvantage when compared to the $25 a year Premium certification.


Being capped at $500 per year, an enabler account holder would end up paying ~$50 a year per the total of their awarded projects funded, while access to gas fund and typical transaction fees would also apply compared to charges being waived or non-existent for Premium field developer accounts with mining licensed. 

1. Licensing - Comparison chart
CEO approval fee:10%Waived
Fee free transactions:N/AApply
MRC for transactions:WaivedWaived
Access to collective Gas fund:FeeEnabled

Specs & perks tailored to every account type.

Account elasticity is core to civic mining configuration. It is tailored to match licensed field developers' needs. This chart represents a comparison between features enabler accounts pay for, that Premium licensed miners will get either free, waived, or already activated as part of their $25 annual license.

2. Licensing. Comparison chart
Revenue sharing scheme:EnabledEnabled
Household package bundle:N/AEnabled
Multi-license discount:N/AEnabled
Multi-places discount:FeeFee
Account updates:EnabledEnabled
Account upgrade:FeeEnabled
License addons:FeeWaived
Active Wizard:Fee/Score basedWaived
Consumer Purchase Plan:FeeWaived
Paysure 4Px: Payment Protection Plan.FeeWaived

Account-based project management framework.

Some promotions and benefits that are inherent to Premium license holders are missing from enablement accounts. By analyzing this chart is notorious to encounter that an Enabler account lacks the automatic bundle features, free updates, upgrades, and payment-related perks offered by the Premium license for field developers.

3. Licensing. Comparison chart
CEO enabling allowance:1/Mo.2/Mo.
Max. income per project:$500/Yr.$10,000/Yr.
Project assessment fee:WaivedWaived
Auction registration fee:WaivedWaived
Insurance fee per project:Per CEOPer CEO
Evaluation fee:WaivedWaived
Reconsideration fee:1% of project sizeIncluded

Individual financial benefits based on account type.

According to Walletever governance guidelines, project-related fees are usually waived or integrated into a civic mining license. Because holding an Enabler account is proof that the certification exam has not been passed yet, account holders are entitled to pay for various access items.

4. Licensing. Comparison chart
Access to collateralized liquidity:Up to 10%Up to 60%
CIC Flipping access:FeeEnabled
Broker % based on volume:~1.25% - 3.25%1.50% flat rate
Broker % based on transactions:VariesIncluded
Access to CEO mix finance:N/AEnabled
Preferred Lender Status:N/AEnabled
WIP downline revenue sharing:ApplyApply
CEO voting allowance:4/Mo.10/Mo.

What to expect from a civic mining license?

When it comes to mining and overall access to the ecosystem, Walletever established license arrangements for individual citizens, as well as for business entities and neighborhoods. All are mining-related.

For the pre-launching and during development, we are promoting three (3) civic mining license types:

  1. Enabling Agent. Free (up to $500 in volume transactions annually),

  2. Field Developer. For a $25 fee annually, that will allow applicant to be licensed for a year.

  3. Household. A group license type for families of 5 members building community together but with individual financial aspirations.

Paid licenses will allow CEO the management of CEO projects for up to $50,000 a year.

Walletever is also considering the creation of a special NFT-driven license based also on Ethereum, for Autonomous Neighborhood Organizations across the world.


  • Civic Mining Certification:
  • CEO approval fee:
  • Fee free transactions:
  • MRC for transactions:
  • Access to collective Gas fund:
  • Revenue sharing scheme:
  • Household package bundle:
  • Multi-license discount:
  • Multi-places license discount:
  • Account updates:
  • Account upgrades:
  • License addons:
  • Active Wizard:
  • Consumer Purchase Plan:
  • Paysure:
  • CEO enabling allowance:
  • Max. income per project:
  • Project assessment fee:
  • Auction registration fee:
  • Insurance fee per project:
  • Evaluation fee:
  • Reconsideration fee:
  • Access to collateralized liquidity:
  • CIC Flipping access:
  • Broker % based on volume:
  • Broker % based on transactions:
  • Preferred Lender Status:
  • WIP downline revenue sharing:
  • Access to CEO mix finance:
  • Pool mining fee:
  • CEO voting allowance:
  • DNO member dividends: