Never before a letter change meant so much.

Introducing WIP, the member invitation program by Walletever.

In our quest to build a happier society, we have enhanced the classic VIP program by having the letter W replacing the V.

Morphing V to W

You already know how Very Important Person you are.

WIP hero

Welcome to the Walletever Invitational Program, WIP, a referral system you can bank your future on.

We encourage you to invite your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to join WIP. Upon joining, they will be rewarded, and you as well.

A referral program that turns into an investment plan.

An invitation member plan for you likes no other.

You would choose from a quick buck payment scheme all-the-way through a program where your earnings proceed will be invested in several ways to produce you the dividends to afford the life you deserve.

It is about building a better world together.

• Earn while having fun building a better society.

• Having your friends applying for a WIP status is easy.

• Approach your network of friends and acquaintances through your social media channels.

Increase your earnings while helping others grow.

You can also share promotional visuals about WIP to invite colleagues and peers members of forums and social groups you are part of.

Your invites must apply online for a civic miner license using your WIP code. They should take a quick online course and pass a test to receive their mining license. Upon license approval, your WIP account will receive a commission credit based on the plan of your choosing.

Working together green.T

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Earn money to spend on a night out or save it to secure your golden years.

WIP is an innovative referral plan with various revenue sources generated by each invitation that becomes a civic miner licensee.

Make around $10 for referral and earn more as your network expands -up to four layers into your downline. You may select how to monetize the earnings you make from your invites, between a quick cash-out or a more future-proof plan, which will allow you to save to pay for your dream vacation, a large purchase, and even a happy and healthy retirement.