Envision the spirit of prosperity and start building upon it.

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A creative funding process with no strings attached that encourage the insertion of classic volunteers in the management of community projects that will render profits and benefits.
The success of crypto as a financial game-changer relies on the implementation of neighborpreneurship as a global productivity framework.

The world's leaders are running out of ideas. They have tried it all to reduce the impact of a crash in the economy that would signal the end of the financialization as we know it, where everything is prone to be securitized. 

Unfortunately, they have implemented a route based on the very same ideas that brought the world's economy to this stage. In every new strategy, people's needs seem to be out of the equation. 

People in their many forms (genres, backgrounds, races, etc.) have needs and life aspirations. Why do not we tailor an economy philosophy adjusted to their expectations? That where the Neighborpreneurship Development Iniciative comes to play.

Historically, the world experienced humongous developments that contributed to the advance of our society — The US Marshall Plan for the recovery of Europe after WWII, and the undertaking of the Highway System of the USA, among others. Now China is proposing a Belt Road Initiative that would represent fresh resources that would fall inside the same traditional pockets of politicians and corporate contractors, leaving the citizens aside who know better how to invest it to better their communities.


Unexpected challenges.

For many, life is going through unexpected challenges. 


COVID-19 has shaken governments and big corporations at their core affecting their earnings and millions of families' income worldwide. 


As the economy is falling, short-term measures from governments would not cut the hardships people go through. Stimulus packages, rents waiving, unemployment incentives, interest rate reduction on loans, and UBI create a snowball effect by issuing new debt over old. 


Layoffs, hunger, health-related issues, evictions, and bankruptcies are hitting record-high levels, and that continues to impact families and small businesses alike. By reading the news, no measure stops the turmoil. 


For Walletever, a better capital distribution program will help relaunch the real economy through productivity and job creation in ways that will augment the cash flow in families and neighbors.


Distributed Capital would contribute to increment people's purchase power, their investment capabilities, and money-saving strategy, which will establish financial stability for many through innovation and transparency. So, this way, the current situation is about to start looking more promising.

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Self-financing through sweat equity

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A proper description of the concept of Neighborpreneurship can be "as the action of individuals or groups of getting involved in a neighborhood-centered activity that can be for-profit or without a financial gain in mind."


In other words, that is the enablement of citizens as their own financial source to invest their crypto assets earnings generated from action-hashed mining


Let your civic actions build a prosperous future.

Activities that were considered part of the unpaid volunteerism trend of the past are now elements of a social mining movement where anyone can earn money individually or as a group, by undertaking tasks that better their communities. 


As always, volunteerism is an opportunity to shine by giving to others without expecting pay. However, after COVID-19, a long day journey of hard-work should represent money earned for neighbors that can be used toward investment or pay for their essentials. 


Conversely, and although each volunteer has needs of their own, corporate-sponsored volunteerism has been a mechanism for many global brands and volunteer aggregators to earn free media exposure by giving out meals and branded t-shirts. 


Walletever proposes the Community Endeavor Opportunities, CEO, program as a key factor to generate crypto assets as an investment resource where professional volunteers converted in neighborpreneurs can make a valuable impact on the real economy when considering investing their mined crypto throughout available fractional lending or aggregated ownership opportunities.


A chance to impact the life of others by doing a little where no one does much.

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In a society where government budgets are never sufficient in the quest to improve people's lives neighborpreneurship comes in as a decentralized crypto scheme managed by financially-autonomous neighborhoods to assist communities to thrive and become more livable.

Each community is different, consequently, neighborpreneurship is intended to remove the middle interference created between institutional leadership and citizens to address their particular issues and needs.

As the largest mechanism of collective wealth building, everyone should embrace neighborpreneurship as the core economic engine of the society of tomorrow.


Doors are always open to discuss new ideas.

For people to benefit from neighborpreneurship, they should go through the Community Endeavor Opportunities, or CEO, a funding program tailored for professional volunteers. 


For a self-funding program supported by sweat equity, the application process is simple and straightforward for anyone. When available, it will be open for project uploading 24/7. 


That process is when human actions do replace mining rigs. 


Proposing a new CEO would require applicants to write an executive summary to educate the audience—peer neighbors and public about the project scope and development details. That data would contribute to the verification of the project and their consequent funding process —that we called "minting." 


The module for CEO entries is currently under development, and it would be accessible to members with a valid Volunteering Mining License.

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Money minted with the work you do.

Choosing to develop a project is the first step toward stable financial security.

Planning how to go about it — whether you plan to go solo or with the assistance of partners and other peers, it is like printing your own money almost on-demand.

Money that will not go away quickly since it is part of an innovative, forward-looking investment system designed to guarantee miner members returns that last over time.

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Citizens spend most of their time around the neighborhood they live.

As crypto assets are approaching mainstream consumption, neighborpreneurship combines the decentralized nature of distributed ledger technology that houses an action-hashed mining process called Proof of Volunteering, to encourage cycles of wealth generation for individuals that would bypass the influence of economics agents and measures implemented by governments, corporate, and religious alliances to reduce citizens' individual right to prosper.

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Activities that were considered part of the unpaid volunteerism trend of the past are now elements of a social mining movement where anyone can earn money individually or as a group by undertaking tasks that improve their communities. Volunteerism is an opportunity to shine by giving to others without expecting pay; however, after COVID-19, a long day journey of hard-work can now represent money earned that can be used toward investment and to pay for essentials. Conversely, and although each volunteer has needs of their own, corporate-sponsored volunteerism has been a mechanism for many global brands and volunteer-aggregators, to earn free media exposure in exchange for a meal and a t-shirt.


Instead of using electric power to establish a new financial segment, Proof of Civism gathers actions performed by citizens who use their brains, personal skills, and sweat to build and repair valuable elements impacting day-to-day living that empowers civism. Those actions are compiled through computer vision technology to form hash tables that are eventually converted into mining cycles.