We cannot expect things to change, if we continue doing the same things.


The objective of the Walletever technology for crypto is to strengthen the financial benefits its mining community would receive.

While many disruptors in the crypto-space are thriving to create value for their remittance products, payment platforms, or dApps convergence, Walletever focus lies on boosting value through asset expansion packages for those licensed actors involved in the ₩EE-mining process.

As an organization, Walletever is building a monetary-hub to support the decentralization of the finances —but with a distributed capital spirit that will not leave aside the energy needed to reactivate the economy forever and from the local level up.

Let us be honest: Most people are familiar with bank accounts.

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What is the purpose of having a decentralized financial environment and complicated login keys when your set of account terms is made for NASA pundits to comprehend?

A marketplace for mined assets will let volunteers converted into investors to transact their earnings within a universal program with this myriad of features and benefits in mind:

• Innovative payment accounts.

• Investment criteria that target steady growth instead of volatility.

• Investments are not pegged to the market financed by whales and global banking authorities.

• High-yield gains are only for those enduring time through resilience and patience.

• Zero rapid-quick-rich overnight schemes.

• To guarantee proper returns, assets invested are protected by circular collateralization of funds.

• Social investment focused on results.

• Local tax property format intended to allow private citizens to invest directly in their communities through funds that would act as lending or bond instruments for municipalities, and many more.

To accomplish Walletever goals, we have decided to create an all-inclusive ecosystem supported by a platform similar to the ones you are so used to in large banks; therefore, citizens, neighbors and volunteers may join together as de facto stakeholders through a variety of smart contract-governed investment opportunities across service industries, manufacturing and commerce.


WEE's set of services encompasses adjusted mining innovation with value enhancement strategies that impact hybrid custody, trading, commerce, investment, family and individual well-being, and community empowerment. In short, from asset-earnings to spending, that is the most extensive products lineup available over the same ecosystem.


The WEE marketplace is a hub for assets to converge with diverse purposes. Whether a miner sets money aside for a large purchase like college tuition or a new car, small businesses financing, or by trying the markets through P2P-equivalent trading mechanisms, Walletever will be the most robust decentralized service offering platform across the space.

How WEE miners would take advantage of asset expansion plans?

With more than 100 service products focused on asset value creation, Walletever is developing a digital hub for hybrid and native crypto-rich products that would flow interchangeably among ERC-677 assets trading through third-party DeFi-complaint DEXs.

Check the asset growth categories and click to explore their capabilities and benefits:


Promoting models to expand earnings-driven frameworks that increase income diversification and personal net worth for miners of all ages through long-term DeFi hacks.


Designed by businessmen who understand the needs of startups and local small businesses, walletever brings a decentralized approach to classic funding.


Enabling DiCap as the transformational platform in the global economy by making the funds accessible to the public and markets in ways no one has experimented before.


Incorporates funding sources represented by personal local lenders and partners looking for long-term non-volatile investment instruments guaranteed by domestic governments.