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Walletever unleashes the power of action-hashed mining to create prosperity beyond wealth.


It is a tailor-made project that uses cryptocurrency mining to revamp the living standard in America and throughout the world by fixing and relaunching more livable communities through enhanced volunteerism.

We are taking examples from two landmark events that preceded the undertaking of this magnificent global project, the Marshall Plan and the US highway system:

  • 1948, European Recovery Program

    Aiming to replicate the success of 1948, US$12 billion (~US$129 billion in 2020)  European Recovery Program or the Marshall Plan bounded to rebuild Western Europe after World War II.

  • 1956, US Interstate Highway System.

    Taking the 1956, US Interstate Highway system US$14 billion (~US$30 billion in 2019) and 48,440 miles construction, Walletever proposes crypto as the founding source to relaunch the world's economy.

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Hero headline: You can play a vital role in creating a vigorous economy post-pandemic.

BOX 2 | Excerpt block: By supporting a new economic framework based on a Distributed Capital philosophy that's focused on an innovative employment-to-owning job creation format that'll influence a variety of verticals within the real economy.

BOX 3 | Body content: If you, as a citizen, are concerned about the future our society may experience after Covid-19, this is your opportunity to be part of a project that will impact the living standard benchmark of billion of people. A change of direction where ordinary citizens will take control of their economic destiny.

"Prosperity through Productivity and Proprietorship", PPP, is an entrepreneurial-oriented blueprint focused on collective wealth creation through atomic ownership that'll be implemented as the citizens' response to the equality narrative that's keeping us ignorantly entertained from knowing about:

BOX 4 | Feature boxes: Adoption of Robotics & Automation in the workplace. | Securitization of the economy. | Expansion of "Left vs. Right" political agenda across production environments. | Corporate greed marriage to central bankers | Decline of individual income.

BOX 5 | Excerpt box: walletever is a software protocol based on crypto that allows individual citizens to become central banks to enable the funding of neighborhood-based entities capable of undertaking projects that impact profitable verticals within the real economy. As investors, this is an opportunity previously exclusive
to government contractors and big corporations. Collective Wealth-oriented mining without the mining rig investment.

BOX 6 | Headline with bullet points : What walletever does to deserve my donation?

BOX 7 | Excerpt: walletever is poised to revolutionize the economy by implementing a global ecosystem empowered by Distributed Capital financing for projects within the real economy. So, initially, this is a capital-intensive project that requires funds to cover:

BOX 8 | Bullet points: *Further development efforts to bring post MVP phases 2 and 3 to fully operational. In short, that's implementing programs aimed to reduce corporate job dependence, minimize health-related vulnerabilities caused by low-income employment, through a proposed change of mindset that's switching from the political-induced equality mantra to collective wealth-building.

* Hiring and training of financial consultants who will contribute to shaping walletever' innovative business paradigm.

* Intensify the number of local businesses qualifying for subsidized financing, through low-interest loans and atomic investments provided by neighborhood fund members that'll pave the road for the establishment of industry-specific initiatives to be developed and operated by members.

* Server gear financing to allow NGOs, charitable foundations, schools management, and community centers in the USA and around the world, to partner up with walletever in the governance of a network of decentralized nodes, to earn recurrent income while exploring revenue streams other than donations.

* Increment the adoption of walletever Distributed Capital policies by local citizens, scholars, community leaders, school personnel, and small business owners, including entrepreneurs in key geographies worldwide.

* Augment efforts to spread the word about financial literacy and sweat equity-driven local entrepreneurship as human rights throughout neighborhoods and villages around the world.

* Organize multiple conferences, seminars, summits and thousand of workshops that are focused on collective wealth creation, and their fundamentals: vocational education based on technology-orientation that will fill up job demand throughout local productivity clusters; guarantee food sovereignty; properly-trained first response personnel, and technicians capable of fulfilling the job requirements of a new neighborhood-centered economy.

* Maintain and enforce the intellectual property rights concerning the development and operativity of walletever and its business branches.

BOX 9 | Headline: You may contribute to walletever further development by donating in crypto. Choose an amount from the table below:

$25 | $50 | $75 | $100

BOX 10 | Sub-title: Special donations for $1,000.

BOX 11 | Headline for slide show: How does walletever plan to embrace the solutions for the world's most daunting problems while promoting a prosperity-oriented citizen-centric society?

BOX 12 | Slide show.

1. Accelerate the adoption of crypto as a core financial instrument for a new economy.

2. Implement a sustainable employment standard to generate jobs that are thought to be replaced by AI, robotics, and automation.

3. Build a environmental-friendly production model for citizens to remain independent from spread plutocracy, central banks' influence, and increasing corporate greed.

4. Slow down the rapid expansion of political agendas that threaten human rights, separation of public powers, access to justice, freedom of speech, and private ownership.

5. Religious practices that force entire groups to pledge for allegiance to keep a job, a shelter, to access food sovereignty, education, or health care.

BOX 13 | Headline: More ways to deeply contribute.

BOX 14 | Excerpt: If you wish to donate over this amount please send us an email.

BOX 15 | Body content: Help us create a "Prosperity through Productivity & Proprietorship" economy by donating to vertical-specific funds:

If you wish to support a productivity-oriented project in the USA and other countries, walletever has created several country-specific funds for anyone to support a preferred industry vertical.

BOX 16 | Sub-title: You may select the donation amount from the suggested menu below:

BOX 17 | Donation boxes: $25 (For a total of $100 in WEE) | $50 (For a total of $200 in WEE) | $75 (For a total of $300 in WEE) | $100 (For a total of $400 in WEE) | $500 (For a total of $2,000 in WEE)

BOX 18 | Body content: For donations over $1,000 or equivalent, please contact us.

(Bold) Please select the country you wish to direct your contribution:

(Bold) Select the vertical you wish to have your donation spent.

BOX 19 | Excerpt: If you wish to contribute as a donor in USD, please review our current GoFundMe campaign by clicking here:

By checking the box, I confirm that the following statements are true.

I'm an 18-year-old private citizen (or 16-year-old if attending high school or higher.)

I'm not affiliated to any local, state, or national governmental entity, neither I have an active account as a government contractor.

My contribution comes from my pockets and is not provided by a third-party seeking to influence the independence of the walletever ecosystem.

This donation wasn't provided from funds managed by a government authority, private corporations with over 50 employees, including those outsourcing over 10% of their workforce; labor unions, national banks, or investment consulting firms

I'm not a political activist or represent a political organization.

I'm not part of a terrorist group or have ever been accused of human rights violations or torture in any country, acting on behalf of a government or religious group.

I understand that walletever is a software protocol that's currently under development, and through my selection above I've instructed its management that my donation may be used to either a) further the development of its decentralized software protocol, or, b) as a donation to contribute to a charitable fund that's being funded by private donors to promote free enterprise, food and job security, access to affordable health care, and the preservation of human rights for individual citizens around the world.

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