Bringing innovative global strategies to improve local commerce efficiencies.

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Innovating across performance processes by implementing a brandless franchising model that empowers productivity resources, logistic, and backend services among syndicated peers to support the operations of local-clustered entities. 
Encourage the adoption of DiCap elements for affordable funding through aggregator financing that will impact the way local businesses deal with payroll compensation and retail prices without affecting business profitability.


Crypto fueling financing as a transformation tool for the economy.

• Recent job creation figures seem incapable of guaranteeing financial stability for most. Growth numbers have stalled, and they have plummeted instead.


That is a situation most people are experiencing since COVID-19 has forced the shutting of millions of small businesses and reducing the production dynamic across companies with a large crew of employees. 

• On the other hand, despite the job crisis, for the majority, the 9-5 job of yesterday was not making ends meet anymore, sending new graduates, first-time job seekers, and experienced professionals alike to explore elsewhere for an extra stream of income. 

• For citizens, having another job also represented the financing of a new employer with deeper pockets, since employees invest time and effort weekly or bi-weekly, do pay for transportation, meals, apparel, parking, etc, to commute until receiving their paystub —which in reality, can be translated into direct subsidy employers get from their employees. 

• Solopreneurs went to venture into new areas like dropshipping, ebook writing, YouTuber, influencer, business coaching, recruiter, digital marketing, inventor, etc. However, those service areas got crowded and very competitive rather rapidly. 

• New "sharing-economy" gigs were popping everywhere creating a new breed of service slavery when people converted into service providers used to drive their cars, and spend resources for a small cut of the earnings that well-financed startups were getting from having a mobile application available for the convergence of buyers and sellers.  


Their impact on the economy was not that much.

• In the end, it felt like the rat race has gone even deeper, and more exhausting, impeding citizens to pay for the same things any previous job used to cover for a few years back.