An open space for the convergence of the world's best dApps.

Tech-supported commerce implementations that impact the economy and the life of the people.


Initially supported by Ethereum ERC-677 standard, Walletever is an elastic convergence of independent technology platforms.

A combination of commerce instruments to be used locally and breakthrough technology masterpieces to advance the social purpose of communities worldwide, funded, finance, or sponsored by Walletever community of miners turned investors.

As the integration of several software platforms, the dApp Hub will house the issuance, network data distribution, hybrid trading, online payments, consumer credit management for end-users, a marketplace for digital asset management, and an API-assisted set of functionalities that will be shared by decentralized independently-owned apps.


Two categories are forming the environment created for dApps:


a) True dApps, which is the designation for truly decentralized applications —in nature and functionality; and


b) quasi-dApps, which are those articulated by existing local small businesses managed under a DiCap-funding structure, where their operations may be partially centralized.


In the case of True dApps, they will work under a 2-levels framework: Tier-1 and Tier-2. 


Tier-1 is the embodiment native dApps are adopting as part of the Walletever Ecosystem.


Tier-2 are those Ethereum-supported DAOs embodied by native foreign dApps exposed to WEE ecosystem.


Walletever allows co-founders and small business managers, to get their dApps annexed to the WEE ecosystem through an API, to offer its current catalog of payments and asset-growth mechanisms.

Therefore, a dApp setting should be the most viable way for small businesses to create a streamlined source of revenue by increasing their customer acquisition ratio, through accessing the Walletever TIP ecosystem.

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Access to the Virtual Franchising module is one of the premier advantages dApps will enjoy after getting linked to WEE.


Since the Walletever strategy is to build a digital extension of itself through dApps to expand its monetary base, the dApp Hub purpose will fit local service providers and product manufacturers, instead of those startups that are digital-only services with a global outlook.

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Most co-founders would not need to have an ERC-677 issued since dApps would replicate the Walletever Performance-triggered Token format with a value pegged to dApp performance but redeemable for ₩EE.

₩EE-supported PtTs are highly configurable to the point that any dApp developer or co-founder would decide on its value and even set the norms concerning AML/KYC policies, even though they will be capable of flowing across the ecosystem.

A great opportunity to contribute.

This is a gigantic task we cannot do it alone.

Walletever welcomes developers and local small businesses to help us build a revamped DiCap-driven economy from the ground up by designing decentralized applications that make an impact in our society.