A perfect time to defy old market paradigms.

• An opportunity to establish a decentralized platform for people to access affordable financing from a mixture of actors from the producer, the supply chain, all the way to the end customer.
• End-users buying debt from the local bakery to maintain supply flowing smoothly and keeping retail prices low.

Economy impacting local communities through simple finance.


The focus of Walletever technology is to strengthen the benefits its mining community would receive from capital expansion activities.

More than planning to increase token value against other cryptocurrencies in the market, Walletever management will look to amplify WEE fluidity across the platform by optimize asset value.

Walletever will accomplish this strategy through the leverage of trading performance where it acts as an intermediary between local business entities exploring simple debt or debt-to-equity financing available through a Local Exchange & Clearinghouse platform.

Here, instead of going to a legacy bank, entrepreneurs and local small business owners will sell debt to local investors who would be exploring future returns.


The redefinition of the markets.

The Walletever LEC will be the premier global liabilities-based exchange and clearinghouse focused on local business seeking to finance small debt packages among the same neighbors who purchase their products and services.

Similar to any value exchange, the qualified business would present a financing plan that is supported by debt, equity, or a combination that requires the involvement of a pool of local miners-turned investors looking to expand the financial base of their mined assets.

Open Funds.

• Opportunity & Vertical-specific funds

Liabilities Clearinghouse.

Value Exchange.

Cross-currency crypto trading.

Industry-oriented Indexes..

Municipal bonds and government-bound financing.

Sovereign funds with a private focus.


Miners would select from an expanded variety of funds that will be available over time. Upon choosing a listing, miners would also establish the terms criteria and the number of investable funds that best suit their expectations.

Finance chart


Local businesses that augment the size of the net worth of those investors trusting their business opportunities and management prowess, would purchase a stake  on any vertical-specific 'flipping' or capital growth plan at discount prices. 


    Neighbor investors would get access to the LEC platform directly or through the assistance of a registered business aggregator consultant, who may be in charge of some of the funds' neighbors will be negotiating.


    WEEN also manages many of the active funds on behalf of miner investors. Neighbors conducting transactions over the trading platform can do business over debt or by acquiring a stake on a private-managed flipping fund.


    By checking through the exchange indicator, you would get real-time updated data on the state of the general fund and by index-specific, the global volume of WEE in circulation, the amount of total debt and funds financed, as well as the number of projects funded by independent investment groups or those represented by WEEN.


    As LEC traders, licensed miners would log-in to acquire and sell debt, calculate and receive dividends from flipping sources, increase or decrease stake in any fund, manage swaps, obtain equity in any listed business entity, or adjust the terms of any deal that should be of public domain.

LEC will house almost any class of for-profit business models, including sovereign funds. Although by referring it as sovereign may be perceived as a government-managed fund, sovereign funds will be an international representation of private businesses to sell debt or acquire stake positions in foreign funds to improve SF performance for domestic and foreign investments.